The Walking Dead, Season One

Sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes is shot and wounded in an altercation with criminals. He awakens from a months-long coma in an abandoned and badly-damaged hospital. Rick leaves the hospital and discovers an apocalyptic world overrun by zombies, colloquially called "walkers" and "biters".
He returns to his house to find his wife and son missing, then meets survivors Morgan Jones and Morgan's son Duane, who initially mistrust Rick but take him into their own house and explain the apocalypse. Morgan reveals that once bitten people degenerate into mindless shells of their former selves.
After being brought back to health, Morgan sends Rick on his way, with the promise that they will some day meet again, with the help of a Radio. Eventually, after travelling a long road, Rick reaches Atlanta where he gets overrun by Walkers, and decides to take refuge inside a tank. Glenn, one of the most important characters decides to help him, which then leads to Rick and Glenn meeting up with the team. They then leave Atlanta after a large struggle, back to their camp-site at an abandoned quarry, and the rest is history.
So far i'm only up to season four so I'm not going to spoil it for myself for the sake of a presentation :( However, I highly recommend this long running TV Series, it's the best I've ever watched, just don't eat whilst you watch. The plot is extremely interesting an very well thought out. The point of an apocalypse styled Show is to always keep the viewer on the edge.
The show does this extremely well due to the fact that it's so simplistic to fabricate a nail biting scenario. I love all the characters, their personalities are extremely defined and thought through, each with a certain role. All characters play a vital role in the story, some more than others, which normally means you can expect when a character is cut off, but with this show it's the complete opposite.

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Season Two Of the Walking dead

The second season begins with Rick and his group of survivors escaping the CDC. They choose Fort Benning as their next destination. Along the way, they encounter a traffic jam of abandoned vehicles on Interstate 85. The group loots several vehicles, and assumes that all is well until a large herd of walkers approaches and they are forced to disperse and hide under cars. A walker chases Sophia out from her hiding spot and, with another walker, pursues her into the woods.

Rick finds her but loses her again after drawing off the walkers. During the group's search for Sophia, a hunter Otis accidentally shoots Carl. To get medical help for Carl, Otis convinces Rick and Shane to bring him to a large, isolated farm owned by veterinarian Hershel Greene, then helps Shane look for medical supplies at the local high school. After finding the supplies, Shane injures his leg and then shoots Otis, leaving him for the walkers so that he can get away.

The survivors then move to the farm while Carl recovers, trying to co-exist with Hershel's family, but dangerous secrets and disagreements over leadership cause tensions to rise. Lori is revealed to be pregnant (she is unsure whether Rick or Shane is the father), and Glenn builds a romantic relationship with Maggie, Hershel's elder daughter. Dale and later Rick confront Shane about his selfish actions, including his responsibility for Otis' death. Glenn also discovers then later reveals that the barn is full of walkers, some of whom are Hershel's family members and neighbors. An angry Shane releases the walkers, all of whom are quickly exterminated upon exiting the barn, including Sophia who is reluctantly shot by Rick.

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